Failte gu Alba agus Eirrean

Welcome to Scotland and Ireland

AMTURUS – The specialist in guided motorcycle tours and classic car tours through Scotland and Ireland.

Let us lead you away and dip you into a different world. Set out on an exceptional form of journey through time. Discover the secrets of Scotland and Ireland.


Our Scotland Tour 1, Scotland Tour 2 and Ireland Tour 1 are Fly-Rental-Drive Motorcycle Tours. Diversified tour programs, outstanding travel services and classy hotels with luxury ambience and refined cuisine. Further information about Motorcycle Rental in Scotland and Motorcycle Rental in Ireland. If your travel partner would like to take part in the tour without using a motorcycle we would be glad to offer your partner an alternative tour program at a special price.


Our Scotland Tour 3 and Ireland Tour 2 are an attractive alternative for Bikers who wants to take part with their own motorcycle on a very reasonable price and do not need our full-travel-service and the luxury hotels.


A special highlight of the motorcycle tour season will be our Scottish Harley Tour including the Event "Thunder in the Glens” at the Aviemore Mountain Resort.


Our SCO - Classic Car Tour and IRL - Classic Car Tour gives you the possibility to take part in an exceptional form of journey through time with an outstanding level of service. A diversified tour program and classy hotels in attractive settings with luxury ambience and refined cuisine awaits you. We also offer individually planed classic car tours for Classic Car Clubs. For further information about Classic Car Rental in Great Britain and Classic Car Rental in Irland.

We take you to places off the normal tourist routes which are really only known to true connoisseurs of Scotland and Ireland:

  • untouched, wild romantic landscape full of contrast.
  • mystic Highland moors in the middle of steep mountain formations.
  • mysterious, mythic Celtic sites and defiant fortresses.
  • historical castles with splendid gardens.
  • living traditions kept for centuries.
  • mountains, valleys, woods, moor and heather landscapes.
  • picturesque fishing villages with historical harbours.
  • spectacular steep cliffs with breathtaking scenery.
  • numerous lochs, remote bays and stunning sandy beaches.
  • unique flora resplendent in colour.